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TV Production




TV Production

Despite being a new company; Leyra  UK Media LTD is sitting on a long history of  TV Production  experiences  both in Turkey and abroad. The founder Ms. Nilgün ÇOLAK,   gained a seat for herself within the producers and television sector as she started to present and produce a television program about the advertising industry named Medyavizyon at Channel D. She also worked as presenter and producer for TV channels like Show TV, Star, Channel 6 and TGRT. Nilgün Çolak established a production company named Manavizyon in 2001. Proceeding her career as co-founder and manager of Leyra Productions founded in 2004, she presented  productions  like  ‘Blue Necklace’ and ‘Will Be All Mine’ broadcasted in Show TV Turkey.

Other key members of staff have experience on  producing corporate videos, commercials  and cultural documentaries  since many years.