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PR & Events

PR & Events

With the philosophy of  “The essence of the matter is hidden in details”, Leyra UK team is carrrying on its work as the “ Third Eye” of its Project partners and  realizing value adding  communication activities to enrich its brands /clients  in a right and effective way..

The purpose is; to establish a bridge  providing  correct, continous and effective communication  between the brand and  the target audience , to position a correct brand image..

Based upon this  point of view; we are aiming  to present  the most effective media communication to our clients according their needs and  supply reporting data on subjects like; media planning   yearly and long term  strategy development

Our strong relations with all mediums  are enabling us to supply the most optimized budgets to our brands..





Planning, Developing and controlling  effective strategies that enable our clients to achieve their goals.


Defining the suitable mediums  for our brands, that are  ideal according to their strategies and targets. Application of creative media solutions  by  effective news placement  in media. .


To create a perception of  powerful corporate identity, by  continous  and transparent  relations with all target audience. Of the institution.  Planning and practicing necessary activities to preserve and empower this perception..





Editing the content with regard to the messages that is to be transmitted.   Organizing and managing the events toward the targets defined based upon the strategic  rudiments.

Nilgün Çolak Hosted the Economy Meeting in London

The right investment channels in Turkey and England, tax practices for entrepreneurs on the basis of countries and the economic agenda were discussed in London.



Great Support from Nilgün Çolak to the Turkish Kidney Foundation

Action was taken to create a gift fund for hundreds of patients who were undergoing treatment in dialysis centers, and in a short time it created resources for all patients. Nilgün Çolak sent gift certificates to all dialysis patients with the support fund created.




Nilgün Çolak’s Signature in London’s Culture and Art Life

Successful business person, writer/producer and publisher Nilgün Çolak, who has been on the agenda with her personal development books published in Turkey and her business life in London in recent years, has signed an event that will make a lot of noise in London.

Nilgün Çolak, who has been continuing her business life through Leyra UK LTD, which she founded in London since 2015, is an Author/Philosopher and Founding President of the European School of Economics Elio D’Anna, known in Turkey for her books ‘The School of Gods and Dreamer’ and ‘You’ He carries his personal friendship with him to the field of culture and art.