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About Us

Leyra UK Media LTD is founded by Ms. Nilgün Çolak, who is an experienced topliner in Turkey’s Business World.

Nilgün Çolak, who has been educated in the fields of holistic design, personal development, tourism management, interior architecture and technology, and Nilgün Çolak, who has studied technology abroad and in Turkey for years, is still a 4-year-old Bahçeşehir University Sociology. She continues her education in the English department. Giving importance to education and constantly emphasizing this to the youth, and that education has absolutely no age and end, especially in order to keep up with the changing world, and to take conscious and correct steps for people to be healthier, happier and stronger, and at the same time to benefit from its healing power, education is a must, Today, NC continues to contribute to the Turkish economy and culture and to accelerate the business and art world by developing itself and the national and international companies it manages.

Nilgün Çolak gained a seat for herself within the producers and television sector as she started to present and produce a television program about the advertising industry named Medyavizyon at Channel D. She also worked as presenter and producer for TV channels like Show TV, Star, Channel 6 and TGRT. Nilgün Çolak established a production company named Manavizyon in 2001. Proceeding her career as co-founder and manager of Leyra Productions founded in 2004, she had produced programs like ‘Blue Necklace’ and ‘Will Be All Mine’ broadcasted in Show TV .

Nilgün ÇOLAK  is also a well-known author in Turkey. who wrote the inspiring book named ”Starting over  where it is said it ended” with a sense of social responsibility based on her own life, experiences and perspective of life. The book was published   by Alfa Publications  2 times and planned to be published in English  soon.

Other than this;   she has written different story books for children, plus  a recipe book which involves presentation of her twin daughters

Nilgün Çolak was the Editor in Chief and Publisher of monthly social life magazine Q’en and quarterly cultural magazine Q Plus , between years 2007-2012.

She had good contacts with the UK Turkish Business Community in the last 3 years and at last she has established Leyra UK Media LTD in 2015, to carry her experience and productions in to an international level through UK.

Nilgün ÇOLAK is carrying on her social responsibility projects both in Turkey and UK, through foundations and charity organizations.

She will carry on her publishing, adverrtising and marketing expertise throughout this new company. More info could be found on her personal website; plus in her blog which is linked from home page.